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Abby - Burlington - Hamilton: I work at AnimazingPetSpa because well…dogs!
I have two cats of my own and I love using our pure oxygen solution on them at home it makes them shiny and is great on their sensitive skin. I started grooming horses when I was a teenager so it wasn't hard to switch to dogs!



Alison - Kitchener - Waterloo: I’m Alison with one “L” and I am the better half of the “A” team (lol). I joined Animazing in July 2016.Depending on which day of the week you visit us, you’ll find me at either our Kitchener or Waterloo store where I groom dogs and cats …which I have been doing forever.... Or, so it seems like it!! I keep telling them to find that cloning machine but so far, no luck!


Amanda - Burlington - Hamilton:I joined the Animazing Hamilton Family in 2012, where i started as aco-op student, where i learned how much i love bathing dogs, and I’vebeen here ever since. I take pride in every dog that leaves the storelooking its best, and i treat each dog like they are my own. I have twodogs of my own, a Newfoundland Mix named Lucky and a Weimaraner Mixnamed Malena, along with 4 cats, Charlie, Lily, Toby and Cindy.


Andrea - Kitchener - Waterloo: I am Andrea… I am the other half of the “A” Team. You’ll find me grooming dogs and cats in Waterloo! I started at Animazing in October 2014 with Ella, my lab; since then my furry family has grown to include Max (Mastiff /Rottie X) and Mocha (French Mastiff X). I’ve been grooming for most of my adult life! So there likely isn’t a dog breed I haven’t seen or groomed. Not only do I groom dogs, I also groom cats and yes horses, too! In fact, I can’t get enough of those smelly horse blankets that somehow find their way into our Waterloo store’s washing machine.


Brianna - Burlington - Hamilton: I am a certified vet assistant and animal groomer from Northern College. I have 2 dogs, a cat and 2 rats. Animals have always been my passion. I have been with Animazing since May 2016 and have loved every minute there. It's truly incredible to wake up in the morning and go to a job that you genuinely enjoy. I love getting to know every dog that walks in our door and build relationships with our clients over time.


Charlotte - Burlington - Hamilton: I have been working for Animazing for 6 years. I love working with dogs and my co-workers. And this is my pet chinchilla Charlie.


Debbie &  Khalan.jpg

Debbie - Kitchener - Waterloo: Hey! I’m “911” Debbie … Khalan and I joined Animazing in spring 2016!I help out where I am needed whether it’s Kitchener or Waterloo, whether it’s washing dogs or doing stuff …. I do stuff – all sorts of stuff!! Stuff that sometimes have my colleagues scratching their heads and wondering how on earth ….?Besides taking care of our dog and cat customers, there’s a good chance you’ll catch me with a hammer, screw driver or glue gun in my hands or up a ladder cleaning the air vents! I can’t wait to get at those Anivacs!!


Jennessa - Burlington - Hamilton:

Hello I'm Jennessa and i work at AnimazingPetSpa! I love working here because I am passionate about animals! Working with dogs and knowing different types and the history about the dog is my favourite thing to hear about!

Jess - Burlington - Hamilton: I've been with Animazing Burlington for 6 years now. I've always loved animals and soon after employed here I knew this was the gig for me and that I wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon. Because really? Who wouldn't want to hang out with dogs all day? I'm also lucky enough to go home every day to my own pup "Chuck". He's a 7 year old bichon mix and is sweet as pie I tell you. I take pride in what I do here at Animazing and have made some great friends (both two legged and four legged lol) and love that I can say that I work for a smaller local ma and pop type business that truly values their employees and clients as we are treated as much more than just a number. I very much look forward to my future with AnimazingPetSpa and will continue to do my absolute best to keep your furry friends happy and feeling fresh during all their future "spa" days.


Josie - Kitchener - Waterloo: For me it all started in 2007 with Dragons Den - that’s when I met Dave Hachey and it was my job to help entrepreneurs like Dave with his pitch to the Dragons. With my love for dogs we became friends and knowing what Dave wanted to do, it did not take me long to get involved with Animazing. Almost 10 years later, I am still as excited about Animazing as I was back then. Strange as it may sound, I find combing out mats relaxing – it must be the years of brushing, de-tangling, and de-burring those horse manes and tails. So bring on the dogs …. big, small, young or old and I’ll groom them. Depending on the day, you’ll find me at either the Kitchener or Waterloo stores.


Kristy - Waterloo: I came to Animazing February 2016 as dog groomer. I started my grooming career about 4 years ago first as a bather and then as a rough-in groomer. My experience with horses and my passion for animals both large and small. I’ve recently learned how to work with cats. I share my home with my Pug Winnie and a French Bulldog Beaumont that has hind end paralysis.


Leanne - Kitchener-Waterloo:  I joined Animazing in Spring 2018. This makes me the newest member of the team in KW. I've been grooming for so long I can't remember when I didn't groom dogs and cats!  You'll find me in either our Kitchener or Waterloo stores.


Megan - Burlington - Hamilton: I started working with animals back in 2011 where I worked for everything from pet stores to veterinary clinics to doggie day camp facilities. I began working for Animazing Pet Spa in the March of 2015. I deciding working here was perfect for me because I have a love for grooming while also a love for interacting with customers on a daily basis. The stay with your dog rule is my favourite thing about my job. I own a White Shepherd / Pyrenees cross male and a little Siberian husky female. I also have 2 cuddly cats. You will find me working in the Hamilton Store.

Pauline - Kitchener: I joined Animazing in 2012 after 10+ years of grooming. You’ll recognize me as the one having a constant conversation with the dogs I am grooming. They say I am the resident ”Dog Whisperer” because it doesn’t matter what their temperament, all the dogs just turn into angels and let me get on with bathing, nails, or their haircuts but the truth is I just enjoy the dogs and I enjoy grooming especially my grand-dog Tyson (Mini Doodle) and Scarlett (Shih-Poo), whom my sister rescued and most of al my Aussie Shepherd Molly.

Sharon - Burlington - Hamilton: Hi my name is Sharon along being a co-owner with my husband, I have been involved with AnimazingPetSpa long before it became realty. It was my brother, Dave who came up with the idea that the dirt and smells are what needs to be removed from a dog which is at the skin. We spent many weekends getting together at his home with our dogs comparing the colour of the water and odour of our dogs as he fine tuned the vacuum/wand system® to what it is today. I love the camaraderie between our wonderful staff and customers. The love for dogs and their comfort along with their appearance are evident in everything we do.


Tony & Bandit - Burlington-Hamilton: My name is Tony and from a very young age I have always had a love for all animals, especially dogs. With working with my brother-in-law when I retired to fulfill his dream of helping dogs to be bathed in a kind and less anxious manner, I grew to a point of truly enjoying being around the dogs and their owners. As the business got more demanding on him, I took over the Hamilton and Burlington stores in 2010. To this day I can say there is never a morning when I don’t want to go to work because it is a pleasure to have clients who love the whole process. If I had a dollar for every kiss I have been given (by a dog) I would be a very wealthy person indeed.

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